We want to introduce you to an exciting new event at ARK- DEANSGATE! We are proud to announce our new charity event PLTFRM which has been live since 29th March and continues to run each Thursday at ARK.
Its all about GIVING BACK to our community as a portion of proceeds go to our charity 'what have you done for you city' in which we pick different locally based charities to donate to, in order to give back to our city, you can view the most recent charities we have worked with via our social media pages (linked at the end)
We showcase Manchester's up and coming talent (locals & students) and bring people together to celebrate this amazing city. The nights give unsigned artists, DJs, dancers, clothing brands etc a platform to present their work and show their creativity.
Our aim is to bridge the gap between underground artists and the mainstream world so that YOU can be the first to see what the future holds and get involved with the whole movement!
The entertainment sector should be interested in this event as we expect and welcome people to come and view the talent  to see what/who they are interested in and can connect with for their own events too
I would kindly ask that you get involved and spread the word to help make a difference in Manchester and experience the best vibes and celebration of our fantastic city!
We look forward to seeing you!

Insta - @pltfrmarkmcr