So we've been working hard with ARK Deansgate locks team on some exciting stuff, and proud to announce a new event “PLTRM” with our event kicking off EVERY THURSDAY.

The night will run with a different theme each Thursday and is all about giving back to our community and showcasing the up and coming talent in Manchester. Our first event is a pre launch Dancehall and Afrobeat party which won't be one to miss. The following nights will then give unsigned (students & locals) artists, DJ’s and local clothing brands from Manchester a PLTFRM to present what they've been working on and express their creativity. 

Our aim is to bridge the gap between underground artists and the mainstream world so that YOU can be the first one to see what the future holds or get involved with the whole movement. This would also create a Thursday that the entertainment sector would be interested in so we could expect to see people coming to view talent that they are interested in for their own events too!

Half of our profits from each week will be going to our own charity 'What have you done for your city?' which feeds the money back into our community in the places where it's needed most. This will run every week for each event we put on. So without further a do, I would  Kindly ask that you get involved and ask everyone interested in making a difference to join in too|!

We look forward to seeing you,

Discounted Earlybird tickets for our Pre-Launch are now LIVE! So Please get yours and show your support for this event!

- If you would like to perform at one of our DJ or Artist nights please email with a sample of your music/mixes 7 small BIO -